GAMIX DeFI the difference

GAMIX DeFi protocol is setting the pace for gaming platforms using the blockchain and robust gaming infrastructure. We provide a safe and cheaper payment, UI/UX, passive income, and fair gaming.

State of the art UI/UX

Our platform gives gamers the wonderful experience they deserve while having fun-filled gaming. We start by delivering a state of the art user and experience infrastructure to make gaming an experience of a lifetime.

Free and fair gaming

We are building a gaming and gambling network that incentivizes users while they play their chosen games. The GAMIX token is designed to allow users to earn tokens while playing games.

Incentivized gaming

Unlike the traditional gaming and gambling network where third parties have the chance of manipulating outcomes, we are leveraging the blockchain and other gaming technologies to make gaming outcomes fair and transparent. That way, users don't need third parties for payment and different needs since the GAMIX token serves the purpose.



GAMIX for participants

Below describes how participants can interact wit the GAMIX platform

Upon having access to the GAMIX platform, choses the games he/she desires.

User journey starts from signing up for a particular game on the platform. The varieties of games are Poker, combats, and so on. However, we are kicking off with Poker.

The users have the opportunity to purchase GAMIX tokens to play games, swap tokens, and stake tokens to earn rewards while playing their desired games.

The user has access to a variety of smart contract enabled games, starting with poker. The platform also provides a payment solution called the GAMIX token to allow users to pay and play games.

GAMIX for traders

Below describes how traders can use or trade GAMIX for games and within secondary markets.

First a trader is a secondary user of the GAMIX platform who wants to purchase GAMIX tokens for speculative purposes. He starts his purchase by connecting a wallet to swap ETH or supported tokens with a GAMIX token.

After purchasing the GAMIX token, the trader checks for the cryptocurrency exchanges that GAMIX tokens are listed. The trader picks and head to trade the GAMIX token against other digital asset pairs from the list.


Here is the prototype of the GAMIX protocol

In-house payment solutions for gamers and enthusiasts. The GAMIX token, the payment solution, integrates and allows payment of games and other products on the marketplace.

A marketplace that provides varieties of games for users. From there, the users choose a game of interest.

Token distribution

Breakdown of our token recipient


1st March, 2021




16 APRIL 2021

Token Offering

12,500 Gamix


300 BNB


700 BNB

Token Price

20 USD

Over 250 GAMIX


Events and Progress

We are developing a gamified DeFi protocol that allows users to play, earn while having fun. Below are the timelines.


With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.


Download GAMIX white paper here to learn about the solutions and the project.

White Paper


Below, we have provided series of questions and answers to help you understand GAMIX platform the more<

GAMIX DeFi is a next-gen gamified DeFi protocol for gamers and gamblers alike. It allows users to have fun as well as having rewards for every game they play. We are making gaming and gambling a win-win for users of the GAMIX Defi Protocol.

GAMIX platform is built for two broad category of users; the gamers and others. the gamers users the platform to play and earn rewards while others stakes, and trade the native token, GAMIX token on the supported cryptocurrency exchanges.

Users can play games and as well purchase, speculate and stake the GAMIX token.

We are supporting several varieties of games. However, we are starting with poker and card games before others, according to our roadmap.

The token sale will be announced on the various social media; stay tuned!

GAMIX token sale allows gamers and other users to purchase and own the native token at a discount rate. Participating in the token sale will enable one to use it to either stake trade or purchase games on the platform.

GAMIX token is BEP20 compliant token for gamers and users of the GAMIX DeFi platform. Users can speculate, trade, stake, and pay for games on the platform with the token.

Gamix token price is yet to be announced. However, it will have a one phase sale where early adopters will purchase at pre-sale price. Early birds who purchases within the first week of sale enjoys 20% discount.


We are always open and we welcome and questions you have for our team. If you wish to get in touch, please fill out the form below. Someone from our team will get back to you shortly.